About the Club

With your interest in photography, you should join the Fountain Hills Photography Club! We're dedicated to helping each other improve our photo skills and knowledge. We can also help with graphic software such as Adobe Photoshop and Elements.

• The club is open to anyone with a camera - film or digital - high school age and older. • We range from beginner to pro and everything in between.

• The club has a unique mentoring initiative - member helping member.

• We do not hold contests or judge photos, assuring a non-competitive environment.

• Membership entitles you to discounts at Tempe Camera, and other photo stores in the Phoenix area (ask to confirm about the status of possible discounts).

• An opportunity to display your images in the club's annual exhibition, which will be either a virtual event or a Fountain Hills Community Center "on the walls" event, depending on the status of COVID-19 restrictions.

• We hold our meetings at 7:00 PM on the second Wednesday of every month, except for July. For 2021, the meetings will be held online via Zoom.

Club Officers

PRESIDENT : Bruce Boyce - Contact for all information regarding the club and website EMAIL

VICE PRESIDENT : Scott Adams - Contact regarding photo op activities, trips and meetups EMAIL

TREASURER : Dan Luechtefeld - Contact regarding club membership dues,  accounts payable/receivable and other financial matters EMAIL

SECRETARY : Leslie Donaldson - Contact regarding meeting minutes, publicity, social activities, guest speakers EMAIL

How to Join

Simply attend a meeting - first meeting is free. If you decide the club is right for you, sign up at the meeting and pay your dues, or you can click on and download the application below, print it and fill it out, scan it, and email it to the club at fhphotoclub@cox.net. Mail your check for the dues, to: Fountain Hills Photography Club, PO Box 18577, Fountain Hills, AZ 85269, or bring it to the next meeting.

Note: If you mail the sign-up sheet, be sure you have read the Club's By-Laws and Club Privacy Statement (which will be added to the LIBRARY shortly) , and that you sign your application. Dues: $15.00 for individual; $25.00 for family; $10.00 for high school or college student. Make check payable to: "Fountain Hills Photo Club."

Thank you. We're looking forward to meeting you!

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