Paul & Bobbi

About Bobbi and Paul Downing

Bobbi and Paul love to travel. Their preferred method is to get in the car and wander around back roads, taking them to many beautiful places. Their photography represents their interests: the outdoors, nature, birds, and wildlife. Paul was a jewelry designer/lapidary and author of opal-related books and magazine articles for Rock and Gem, Lapidary Journal, and Jewelry Artist.

Paul is a Professor Emeritus at Florida State University, specializing in Economics and Environmental Policy. Bobbi dreamed of being a performing artist but had to settle in the "real world" as an executive secretary. Until recently, she has performed with many community theaters. In addition to travel, Paul is a devoted fly fisher. He has fished all over the country, but primarily in the Rocky Mountains for trout. Again, Paul wanders around, leading him to some very out-of-the-way places, always with a camera. His fishing photos have illustrated two fishing books and many magazine articles.

Each of them brings a unique perspective to their photography. With these featured photographs, they share the wonders of our world with you. You can continue to travel with them on their webpage:, and they hope you will join their adventure blog at

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