Privacy Statement

Lists that contain names, phone numbers, postal or e-mail addresses of club members, visitors and guests are confidential. These lists are to be used only by members of the Fountain Hills Photography Club and for sending club or club-related information to members and prospective members. Inclusion in any club directory or membership list is to be by specific request only.

The lists may not be given, sold or traded to any other individual or organization.

The By-Laws prohibit solicitation of club members by another member for any business or purpose other than legitimate, pre-approved club activities and information. Doing so will result in loss of membership.

If a member receives a solicitation, offer or notice from another member that is not club related and believes the contact was the result of knowledge or use of a membership list or other club document, the former should notify an officer.

Members reserve the right to exclude contact information from club lists or may request they not be sent e-mails. Note that e-mail is our primary means of communication. We do not send information, schedules, programs, etc., via postal mail, nor, do we normally communicate via telephone. Therefore, if you exclude your contact information from the membership lists, you will not receive information regarding upcoming meetings, special programs, events or how-to information, etc.

A copy of this statement will be e-mailed periodically.

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