IMAGE FILE SIZE REQUIREMENT FOR SLIDESHOW IMAGE FILES - Please make each image 1200 (or more) pixels in the vertical dimension (image height, as viewed). Please note we are no longer specifying the width dimension - we are specifying just the vertical dimension. This will assure that every image (whether it's a horizontal landscape format or a vertical portrait format) will be properly displayed at a consistent high quality. If you can't exactly match the 1200 pixel dimension for the image height, make it larger than 1200 pixels, not smaller - we can downsize the images if needed. In any event, we can display anything you send us.

IMAGE FILE NAMING REQUIREMENT FOR SLIDESHOW IMAGE FILES –Please be sure all your Slideshow image files have your last name as the first few characters in the filenames, followed by anything you want (date taken, location, sequence number, etc.). This guarantees that when the grand sort is done in assembling the slideshow, all your files will be displayed together. 

ONE TIME ESTABLISHMENT OF A LINK TO THE PHOTO CLUB’S DROPBOX - Using the shared DropBox for the first time is easy – you will receive a one time email from the club inviting you to edit a shared folder named FHPC SLIDESHOW SUBMITTAL, and when you click the “Go to folder”, you will likely to be asked if you want to spend some money to upgrade your BASIC (free) membership; just say No to that.

SUBMITTING YOUR IMAGE FILES FOR INCLUSION IN SLIDESHOW - To submit your photos to the monthly slideshow, drag or paste your slideshow image files into the shared folder FHPC SLIDESHOW SUBMITTAL.  This folder will be shared by all members of the Photo Club, and is being used purely to provide a convenient way to transfer the files and avoid going through the hassle of emailing the image files. Remember, keep in mind the fact that every file being submitted to the slideshow that is placed in the shared folder will be on all members’ hard drives until the contents of the shared folder is cleaned out. That will be done immediately following the meeting in which the slideshow occurs.


February - People and/or Fetes and Festivals

March - Night photography and/or Faces

April - Fences and/or Macro

May - Abstracts and/or Still Life

June - Shadows and/or Rows of Things

August - Stairways and/or Technology

September - Monsoon and/or Working

October - Color-popping and/or Sepia and Other Toned Photos

November - Transportation and/or People

December - Textures/Patterns and/or Moods

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